Viber for your Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 and Note Series

In the overview, Samsung has accumulated a great reputation in power, better display and great camera functions. These features exceed the provisions presented by other rivals in the market. Samsung Galaxy Note thereby incorporates these great features, and they manage to rank among the best devices. The devices are big but don’t come with the s-pen; however the following attributes will make everyone happy. These notes have a fantastic display. Also guarantee a smooth and powerful performance and a strong camera.

Are you looking for the latest note version? Right, you must consider looking out the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Many said that this version will never catch up but its four years since its launch, and it’s still doing well. It comes with a big screen and S-pen style. However, these features are not for everyone. This product is priced at relatively low cost and come with a free SIM-card.

Looking for a top-end smartphone that gives comfort while handling? A smartphone that won’t break your palm, handbag or pocket while carrying? No more worry SamsungS6 or Galaxy S6 edge is the right product for you. It with the latest technology from Samsung that is in a compact and impeccable design. This model provides a more mainstream smartphone set up. These phones are a great choice especially if you don’t want to be tied down to a contract. They give you an equal level of power and performance.

Samsung S4 is also good, and it threatens the likes of Nexus 6 Huawei Ascend Mate 7, LG Flex 2 and iPhone 6 Plus which are steeply priced. Although it’s not the newest flagship in the market but has been loaded with a hefty resolution boost. It’s also has a premium design and a cutting edge technology that makes it extremely great. It has a metal frame that runs around the circumference shielding the rest of the chassis. Besides it has a plastic rear that provides a good grip that’s paramount if you have a large handset.

Samsung ensures that its phones are comfortable to handle and that they maintain a balance on the hand. This idea makes it more appealing than as given by its rivals in the market. This model comes with a fingerprint scanner. Samsung S4 is light and feels nice to touch. On its left side, there is a multitasking key are completely hidden if they are not illuminated by the backlights. This illumination gives this version a clean front finish. On the rear side, you will find a 16 MP camera, LED flash and the rate monitor that’s also featured in such models like Galaxy S5.

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Viber for your Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 and Note Series

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