Viber App Features

Viber a most known communication app has now more than 200 million users. It is a fantastic app through which you can stay connected to your loved ones. you can share your feelings, your sad and happy moments and everything else with the people who are far away from you. In today’s world where people have tough routines and they can’t make any time to go out and socialize physically with their friends and family, the communication has become the most important issue.
Catering this issue Viber has been developed. Its cool features have made your much more fun and expressive. Viber is available on all android and ios stores now. Viber is available in 30 languages and in many countries of the world.

One of the best features of this app is its free messages. You can send and receive free messages from your loved ones at any moment now. You can also send and receive pictures and share the music that you love. Viber can also do free calls across the world. You can also follow different people on this app and stay tuned to any of the big news coming from them.

Viber has also a very special feature known as “Viber out”, through this you can call any mobile or landline number anywhere in the world at very attractive minimum low rates, for this purpose you just have to buying some credit through your credit card. Viber also allows you to send audio recordings.

The best feature of this app is its privacy, you can change the privacy settings of this app in a way you want to, and you can block people so that no body intrudes in your personal life. Viber has a very cute feature of sticker communication market which have different cute stickers, some free and some have little charges to make your texts look more amazing and beautiful. You can also do video calls from Viber so now staying away from your family and friends is no longer an issue.

Viber can be installed on your desktops, laptops, smart phones, iPhones and tablets. From the help of Viber it has become easier for you to communicate with the people whom you love, it has become much easier to share your feelings, to express your anger and happiness. You can connect with anyone you want at any time and can have all the fun. This app is really amongst the top most communication apps of today’s world without a doubt.

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Viber App Features

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