Download Viber 5.6 apk for android from Google Play Store

Are you aware that you can Download Viber 5.6 apk for android from Google play store? Well, after downloading Viber 5.6 APK, you will get the following:

  • You will get messages in group chats
  • It will be possible for you to share messages on your public chats
  • It will be possible to write a long message
  • You will be able to follow other public chats
  • You will easily play games
  • You will be able to make free video and phone calls
  • You will easily share your contact information
  • You will easily send stickers, voice messages and video messages
  • You will easily download animated stickers
  • A video message will provide you with more experience

Viber enables you to enjoy video calls, voice calls, long conversations and sharing of multimedia files. It also allows you to share videos, photographs and text messages. After downloading the Application, you will easily find a store where you can find tags to buy. After installing the App in your mobile device, it will be easy to allow the APP get access to your phone list. This will in fact allow you to start using the highest quality audio with no expenses.  It is best to use a 3G or Wi-Fi since an application that has data plan can be more expensive compared to using a mobile phone.

After you Download Viber 5.6 apk, you will get access to current features of the current version such as:

  • In group likes, it will be possible for you to see who loves your posts.
  • You will get the ability to share your messages to your friends by using public chat messages section.
  • You will be able to write longer messages. This is because you can now write up to 7, 000 characters.
  • You will get access to new features which guarantees an improved video messaging.

It is important to always remember that Viber will allow you to easily connect with anyone around the world.  This means that you will easily make quality video calls, phone calls, video messages and send photos over 3G or Wi-Fi free of charge. Viber 5.6 APK will allow you to create group messages that have many participants. You will get the option to use the credit available to make calls to people who use non Viber landline numbers and mobiles at a very low rate. You should always keep in mind that Viber is currently available for many different types of smartphones. This means that you can simultaneously use Viber on your phone or tablet.

Download Viber 5.6.0 apk

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Download Viber 5.6 apk for android from Google Play Store

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